This is the title of my new soap opera (suggested by my father, Spencer Hipp), a dramatic storyline that chronicles the abusive life of the psoas and the journey through hardships of modern amenities, cultural changes, and social expectations. Okay, so maybe I’m stretching things a bit out of whack – literally. But am I, really? Let’s find out…

What is the Psoas?

We have a lot of amazing bits and pieces to the body, each as spectacular and influential as the other. The psoas, which is plural because we have one on each side of our spine, are one of those fantastically curious creations. In fact, it is one of two muscles that attach the upper body to the lower body. Who knew! The psoas attaches to multiple places along the thoracic / lumbar spine (intervertebral disks of T-12 and lumbar spine), making its way down through the pelvis and attaches to the thigh bone (lesser trochanter of the femur). It assists in standing, walking, drawing the knees towards the chest (hip flexion) and can thrust the ribs forward, as well. Needless to say, it’s involved in just about everything we do.

For us to understand the body (and injury, pain, movement, health, sports performance, etc), we need to look at the big picture – how the body works as a whole. If one amazing bit of our body is out of whack, a domino effect rolls through the body, influencing everything in its wake. Ahh, psoas the world turns.

Where can I learn more about the Psoas (3 options below)?

Pose: If you’re looking for some much needed relief, try this puppy out.

Book: If you’re just getting to the party – Psoas Release Party, by Jonathan FitzGordon

Psoas release party image

Course: If you’ve been at the party for a while and you want to dive deeper into the biomechanics – Study of the Psoas online course by Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman online study snapshot

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