If you coach (or parent) youth sports: remember, its YOUTH sports.

It’s not about winning, its about teaching kids positive values. Teamwork, communication and confidence. This is a time for kids to play a variety of activities and figure out what they love*. It doesn’t matter if they can’t throw a ball or run the fastest. Heck, Jaime played multiple sports as a kid (didn’t start water polo until age 14) and honestly, was not very coordinated, graceful or skilled in any. In fact, even though Jaime went to the Olympics in water polo, it took her many years to fully grow into her body and figure out how to use it!**

Moral of the story…its Youth sports. (Everyone) have FUN. Now go get a Juice Box and take some tips from Will Ferrell on what not to do.

*We understand there are sports where elite competition takes place at a young age (e.g. gymnastics, figure skating), so the focus of training may vary. Even in these pressure-filled disciplines, it’s vital for these young athletes to be in a positive environment and most importantly, do what they love (you’re even better at something when you love it).

**This is not to say that Jaime is entirely graceful and coordinated now. Thankfully her work ethic and positive role models supported & empowered her along the way. And yes, she is still figuring out how to use her body (as we all are and always will be).

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