Athletes spend countless dollars on enhancing athletic performance. Yet what about our nutrition? Here is professional Tennis player, Novak Djokovic’s take on owning his diet every single day. As a personal experiment, Novak took out gluten, dairy starting in 2011. He experienced his most successful year ever and had one of the greatest years in sports history of a single athlete. So what was the secret? He contributed his diet as the reason for his success – Wow!

Being an athlete that is required to travel thousands upon thousands of miles every year, Novak lays out his personal nutrition and health discoveries. Raised in Serbia with parents who owned a Pizza parlor, it was extremely difficult to let go of his family main staples of breads and Pizza from his diet. Yet Novak’s results speak for themselves! What do we love most? He encourages his readers (you!) to simply experiment with your diet by taking something out for 14 days (e.g. gluten, dairy, sugar were his main culprits). It can be difficult to recognize the influence a certain food has on us if we eat it all the time.

For an inspiring read with clear guidance and suggestions, check out Serve to Win by Novak Djokovic

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