It’s difficult to make big changes to our diet, especially if we’re trying to take something out that we’re addicted to. Heck, we may not even realize we’re addicted to something until we try to take it out; we’re calm and collected one moment and then Boom! You’re Crazy-Eyes-McGee on a rampage looking for your sugar fix.

Here’s a simple yet effective opportunity to make a small change that can lead to a big difference in our health. Jaime shares a tip on how and when to use coconut oil versus refined sugars and even dairy. Baby steps friends, baby steps.

Why Coconut Oil?

One of the first reads that got us going on our nutrient dense journey, the Thrive – The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier, shares:

“Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT’s. MCTs are unique in that they are a form of saturated fat, yet have several health benefits. The body utilizes them differently from fat that does not contain MCTs. Their digestion is near effortless and, unlike fat that does not contain MCTs (which gets stored in the cells), MCTs are utilized by the liver. Within moments of MCTs being consumed, they are converted by the liver to energy.”

Curious about other ways to use Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil 2.15.15

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