We’ve all been there. It’s been a late night or just getting home from a workout, and the bed is calling our name. And so is our stomach! What are your options to avoid a full and upset tummy, sleeplessness, and/or weight gain? We aren’t doctors, but here are solid suggestions and benefits on what to eat before tucking yourself in the sheets.

  1. Stay away from greasy and fatty foods, including ice cream, fast foods joints, cheese, etc. Your digestive system will be put on overdrive trying to break down these foods and you’ll likely feel sluggish in the AM.
  2. Avoid sugar fixes like cookies, cake, and other assortments of desserts that are staring at you. It’s a great temporary fix for your mind, but definitely not anywhere else. Blood sugar spikes will increase your energy and make for a bad night’s rest.
  3. Big portions are no bueno (aka not good). Cramming down food right before bed will put your whole internal system in a twist, which could lead to weight gain, sleeplessness and a rough morning.
  4. Heavy proteins, like red meat or chicken, may hinder your sleep patterns. Stick with lean, small portions of turkey or even greek yogurt.

Some alternatives to take into account to curb your satiating appetite:

  • Small snacks with low amounts of calories. Including a small portion of greek yogurt, banana (experts say the potassium in bananas help with sleep), a small apple, even hearty greens can fill the belly up enough to quiet the mind.
  • Try not eating heavy / large portions at least 2-3 hours before bed. Let your digestive do its course with ample time to let the rest of your body prepare for shut-eye.
  • Almond, Coconut, Hemp milk are good options to drink in small quantity. Sprout your own, throw them in a blender with distilled water and voila!

These are a couple options and ideas to ponder over. Think light, easily digestible and foods your body actually thrives on (i.e. natural, hearty foods). When in doubt, try to go to sleep! Because if you are in doubt, that probably means you have some not-so-good choices in front of you to choose.


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