The typical definition of functional fitness is the ability to perform daily activities without undue fatigue.

We’d like to change this to: the ability to perform activities that you MAY experience in your life. We call this the “hey, you never know” approach. In fact, AYT is highly inspired by this concept. It can truly push you beyond your limits.

With our updated definition and the insanely creative & clever drawings of Mr. Dan Hipp as inspiration, we present to you the:

Top 10 seriously special benefits to being functionally fit: 

1)   Outrun zombies (the fast ones)


2)   Carry your kid around for hours at the Happiest Place on Earth


3)   Be able to make it…there and back again


4)   Outlast everyone (at whatever you may be up against)


5)   Hang with these guys


6)   Aspire to be something greater (and do it)


7)   Arrive precisely when you mean to


8) Be able to pick up a heavy a** hammer


9) Hang upside down, as requiredSNOWCONE_zpsd8ea4518

10) Do it for Frodo


* I tip my hat to my brother, Mr. Hipp, for allowing me to share his creations with you. One of a kind, my friends. One of a kind. www.mrhipp.com

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