I was told this was good for me…so I’ll do it

We’ve all been there. We were told “you should totally eat / drink / do this, it’s so good for you”, by a coach, parent, friend, teammate, nutritionist, instructor, or random stranger. And we listened. Maybe at the time, the information that was out in the world (did the internet exist yet?) backed up this suggestion. And then one day we read on an oh-so-trusted website that there’s a new study that disproves whatever we were so convinced was healthy for the last 20 years. Doh!

“I once believed in you Dairy” 

During our professional training days, we were recommended to drink something with protein and carbs within 20 minutes after workout – more specifically, “chocolate milk is a great option post-training”. It made sense at the time, as we saw both carbs and protein on the nutritional info box on the back of the carton. Surprise! There are now studies showing a relationship between inflammation and dairy. That’s one of the last things you want as an athlete (or any person with a body). Sensitivities to dairy also include bloating, stomach pain, digestion issues, even weight gain and acne…among other findings from a plethora of independent studies. Of course we didn’t think this applied to us…until we actually took dairy out of our diet. The bloating, digestion issues, stomach pain, and inflammation (which we always considered to be normal) went away with it.  

What do you believe?

We are here to provide you the resources and proactive methods that we have learned from – those that have improved our quality of life. Yet it would be condescending for us to say you should rely solely on us. The power is always in your hands – do the research to improve your quality of life. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – we’re here to help you along the way.

Need a suggestion on where to start? Google the pros and cons on dairy from a trusted, non-biased source and see what pops up.

There are more studies out there today stating the negative effects dairy plays on the human body. The government pushes dairy like crazy…have you asked yourself why and looked into the facts? And then there’s Gatorade and other sports drinks, but that’s for another write-up. Can you tell we’re excited to share all this with you?!

Your Post-Training Fuel

Thankfully we found this well written description by Thrive Forward on how to best fuel your body and why it’s important to, in the first place. No dairy necessary! Note the references provided at the end. We thoroughly appreciate and value articles that include the backing (via links or study references) behind their suggestions. Good talk.

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