Is water your only source of hydration? And what is getting in the way of you absorbing this liquid gold?

All fascinating questions my curiously clever hydration station. Your entire body is approximately 60% water. Your muscles and brain are approximately 75% water*. Needless to say, we perform at our optimum when well-hydrated. In fact, all our bodily functions require healthy levels of hydration to operate, including our digestion, metabolism, internal cooling system (sweat time) and muscle build / recovery. From the cellular level to our connective tissues and brain, we want to be a well-oiled (or in this case – hydrated) machine working smoothly and seamlessly in unison.

Good rule of thumb: skip processed foods and go for whole foods, closest to their natural state. Processed foods have been, well, processed. Which means the ingredients have gone through several procedures to prolong shelf life, enhance flavor, etc. They no longer contain the nutrients or hydration your body requires. You may be getting the calories from processed foods, but not much else. Sorry to burst anyone’s Costco Blueberry Muffin bubble!

*Percentages vary depending on source.

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