“There is nothing more genuine than breaking away from the chorus to learn the sound of your own voice.” – Po Brosnan

When you are being true to yourself you are speaking from your authentic nature. Your beliefs and passions line up with your actions.

When you’re not, you are no longer representing the genuine version of you. Your beliefs and passions no longer line up with your actions – there is a misrepresentation of your core values.

It can be a life-long journey to find our own voice, or on a bigger scale, our own path. At AYT, we love to say: every body is unique, as is the mind that guides it. Treat it like so. While we are a species that thrives well in gathered communities and group activities, the individual still carries the yearning for being exactly that – an individual.

Let’s be proactive in finding your voice. And it starts with just a few questions….

  • Where in your life do you feel like you are “following the chorus”? Here are a few examples: career, fashion, type of education, social or cultural expectations, hobbies, relationships, travel. In what way?
  • In any of those cases, do you want to pursue a different direction? Where?
  • What is holding you back from pursuing a different direction?
  • When are you at your happiest?

To find our voice, we have to be accountable for our actions, thoughts, values, and beliefs. Once we feel that we do not have a choice in something, we can lose our voice, our power, our accountability. We need to recognize that we always have a choice. From how you’re responding to my statement to how you sit at a meeting to whether you decide to go to medical school. We may not always like the choices available to us, under the circumstances, but they are choices nonetheless. And they greatly influence your feelings about a situation. Here are a few more questions to build on:

  • When do you feel empowered and comfortable to speak your mind?
  • When / where do you not feel empowered or comfortable to speak your mind?
  • Where in your life do you feel that you don’t have control?
  • Where in your life can you be more accountable for your actions?

It can be tough to call ourselves out on the truth. Yet it is vital we hear the truth from ourselves. This is how we can grow, learn, improve, and better ourselves. This is one of the many awesome ways we can discover the sound of our own voice. It’s time to start singing!

A little inspiration, perhaps…

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