Thank goodness you’ve got the inside scoop on knowing that everything in your body is connected (hey there fascia*, thanks for keeping us connected). Now we can look at poses in a whole new light…like Extended Side Angle Pose!

How does the body feel when you lengthen from one point to another? Where do you feel the stretch? Where can you bring a little more awareness or activation to? As you encourage length from the back heel to the crown of your head, these are some body-happy things to think about to improve what you truly get out of the pose.

Note to self: practice this posture on both sides. We wouldn’t want you walking around all lopsided!

* Want to dive into the juicy world of fascia? Let’s do it! We highly recommend the Liberated Body “Why Fascia Matters” ebook. https://www.liberatedbody.com/guide/w…

Location: Ekam Yoga Studio, Newport Beach, California, USA.

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