We have a lot of bits and pieces that connect in and around the shoulder joint. This self-massage sequence uses the Yoga Tune Up® balls to reveal trigger points, improve awareness of the area, work out the “gucky” stuff, and improve circulation. Be patient in these movements and remember to breathe.

Jaime has had 4 glorious (joke) surgeries on her shoulders – She understands all too well the consequence of overusing / underusing the various muscles within the shoulder, and the consequences of overtraining without addressing the real cause of her symptoms. Using these Yoga Tune Up® balls has been a useful tool in exploring areas that are congested, “gucky”, and well, in pain.

A good rule of thumb when using Yoga Tune Up® balls: Be mindful of the amount of discomfort you are in when rolling over tender(oni) spots. Discomfort is certainly normal. Heck, you’re moving around a bunch of connective tissue that’s been “stuck” together.

When rolling over these sensitive areas – be sure to keep breathing. If the area feels better after the roll-out, you’re fine and dandy. If you are in more pain afterwards, your body is pretty much saying Easy does it fancy pants, I’m not ready for that level of intensity. Maybe roll around on an area nearby.DON’T FORGET to go through this sequence on both shoulders. We don’t want you lopsided!

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