So you may not be ready to ditch the couch or sit on the floor at work just yet (come on, there’s nothing that says you’re getting out of your comfort zone like rolling around on the floor at work, am I right?).

In the meantime, here’s a simple and proactive change you can make when sitting:

  • Roll up a hand towel
  • Place it on your chair
  • Sit, with the sit bones (the bony points at the bottom of your pelvis – technical version: ischial tuberosities) on the towel.
  • Allow your pelvis to naturally rock forward without much effort. In other words, your pelvis is not in a tucked position. Hopefully this will help encourage the natural curvature of your spine. Think: head over the shoulders, shoulders over the pelvis, lower back curves in naturally (as opposed to being rounded out so your entire back looks like a capital C. C, as in Crappy).

Why do I want to sit on a towel?

It can help remind us to position our pelvis in a way that is more conducive to supporting our spine and skull. With the pelvis tucked, it’s pretty much impossible to get our head over our shoulders. If the head is hinging forward (are you craning your head forward just to read this right now? Go get a towel, pronto) the tissues on the backside of the neck / back are being forced to elongate and work overtime to hold your heavy ol’ head up. Hello headaches and neck pain.

Moral of the Story

How you position your pelvis when doing, well, anything (not just sitting) influences your entire body in all sorts of curiously clever ways. Using a towel to sit on is just one way to recognize how we use our body and where we can create better balance and alignment.

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