We absolutely love lemons. They’re a great addition to hydrating juices, mid-workout drinks, dressing for salads (especially kale), and whatever else you can create. Lemons are alkaline-forming, meaning that they help increase the alkalinity levels in our system, supporting a healthy pH level. In short, we want to eat alkaline-forming foods because it helps decrease inflammation in our entire body, as well as support healthy functioning of all our systems. At the opposite spectrum, if you consume acidic forming foods (e.g. animal products, cooked / processed / refined foods), this increases the inflammation in the body. More on this later. Back to lemons.

Buying heaps of lemons can add up. So we got a lemon tree for Christmas! Now we’ll be able to use all our lemons (yes, they will be happy organic lemons), and not break the bank on our every-other-day lemon purchasing. (seriously, it adds up)

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Think of what produce or herbs you buy and use frequently. e.g. mint, basil, lemons, kumquats, etc.
  • Assess your garden / outdoor space to see what you can accommodate.
  • Invest a few extra bucks up front to save in the future and purchase your own tree or plant at a local market. Don’t hesitate to ask where they were grown or about the GMO (genetically modified organism) status.
  • Enjoy!
Don't be sad, Mozzy. The lemons will grow soon enough on our wee lemon tree.

Don’t be sad, Mozzy. The lemons will grow soon enough on our wee lemon tree.

kale lemon salad

What is the main ingredient in this salad’s dressing? Lemons!

Do you currently grow your own produce and herbs? What is your favorite? If you have any tips, share with the world below!

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