As we like to say, a little change can make a big difference. Often times our decision can have a domino effect, influencing ourselves and others around us. Take the Farmer’s Market, for example. Buying your produce at a Farmer’s Market not only provides you with fresh, local, nutrient dense goodies, it supports your local community.

Why should I make the effort to buy from a Farmer’s Market?

– Supporting local economy

– Less travel time from source

– Fresh, in season produce

– Want organic? Just ask! Plus, some stands may not have the  USDA Organic certification, yet grow their crops without pesticides.

– Fun & active way to get involved in your community

– You know where your food is coming from.

– Encourages you to try something you may not normally eat. Get creative with your cooking!

Make it a special event. We love making a whole morning out of a visit to the Farmer’s Market, by grabbing a cup of joe and going for a walk among stores / neighborhood. Oh the opportunities to explore!

Bonus: if you’re traveling away from home, a unique way to experience a community is by visiting their local Farmer’s Market. You get the culture, people, food, and community, all in one place!

If you live in or around Orange County, CA, use this site to find one near you.

Do you have a favorite market in your area? Tell us! 

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