1-2-3-Quad. We have four delicious quadricep muscles and this tasty pose helps us release the big boy, Rectus Femoris. It attaches to the front of our pelvis and to our lower leg. Needless to say, the entire quad-tastic crew can influence a lot in between (and above and below).

Let’s give them some space, shall we?

* How long do I lay here? 2-5 minutes. Though it’s pretty relaxing, you might fall asleep.

* When? This is a calming posture, so I recommend, at least for the first time, doing it when you have a little extra time afterwards, so you don’t feel rushed to hop up and run away.

* Be mindful of the placement of your prop, as it is important that your ASIS (on each side) is supported and the pubic bone is not touching the prop. I point out both in the video.

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