If this Apple falls off Mozzy’s head, it should ____? A recent approval by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) for the first genetically modified apple will keep apples from turning brown when bruised or sliced. Pretty creepy, eh?! As if seeing the same exact color, consistency, size and textures of apples sold in bulk isn’t suspicious already. Like the one’s – filled with preservative chemicals – you may see sitting in your doctor’s office, staying “fresh” for months.

Side note: Eating your fruits & veggies, regardless of how they’re farmed, is WAY better than hitting up your local fast food joint or throwing that frozen thing called a meal into the micro.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits, the Canadian company that engineered these apples, has been doing testing the past decade or so. They “turned off” an enzyme that leads to browning of apples. Ask yourself, am I eating hearty and nutritious fruits and veggies? Do I know where they originate from and how they’re grown (e.g. local organic farm vs. a robotic farmland filled with chemicals or soon-to-be genetically modified)?

Below are some notes we’ve jotted down about Organic vs Conventional (or non-Organic and eventually GMO) apples, but also can be applied to the farming of other fruits and veggies.

Organic Apples:

  • You get the real taste of what a fresh apple should taste like.
  • During Fall / Winter time, apples are in season and more affordable. Keep in mind, the costs to farm Organic crops are higher. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” In this case, freshness and more nutrients.
  • Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution.
  • Naturally low in sugar, high in fiber, keeping you fuller longer without the “sugar crash”.

Non-Organic Apples:

  • One of highest rates of contaminated crops when it comes to pesticides.
  • Pesticides are toxic, they get into the core of the apple. And eventually, into your system.
  • Not natural or fresh = modified

There are tons of skeptics on both sides of the Organic vs Non-Organic spectrum, very few independent studies to combat either, but A LOT of money involved within the crop industry. Or you ok with ingesting genetically or chemically modified foods?

Know your sources (and their allies), understand the process it took to make the food you put in your body and the benefits of said food. Ask questions, find answers!

To read more about the GMO apples, here’s one of many recently published.

*What is GMO anyway? A previous article we wrote to help you better understand GMO’s.

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