We don’t have concrete answers, as each case (you!) is unique. In fact, if you do some research, the scientific findings leave the subject of how we sleep open-ended, as well. But we care about how you sleep so we’re going to lay down some suggestions for you to try out. Splendid!

It’s never fun to start the day with an achy body. So why do we wake up achy? Some may say its the pillow, the bed, your sleeping position, nutrition, or even hydration levels. Maybe its best to look at this from a trial and error perspective. Have you ever experimented with your sleeping habits? For example, do you lay on your side all night, on your stomach, or use multiple pillows for support?

Similar to taking a specific food out of your daily diet to determine any sensitivities, you can make small adjustments during your sleep to see how your body responds the next morning. Here are a couple ideas to play with:

  • Try laying on your back “all night long, all night…all night”.
  • If you lay on your back, place a pillow underneath the knees.
  • Decrease the size of your pillow. Maybe even use a rolled up blanket or towel instead.
  • If you lay on your side, do you always lay on one side? If so, try to mix it up.

Why do we care about how you sleep?

Because everything influences everything. If the position you are in for the majority of the day is similar to the position you find most comfortable when you sleep…well, that’s a lot of the same thing. And we know the body loves and thrives with variety. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the car, or sitting anywhere (most of us do), that’s a lot of hip and spinal flexion going on (among other things). If you sleep on your side, you might even be simulating the same position.

Moral of the Story

The body loves a variety of movement. Mix it up. Try something different. Just because your pillows or mattress are expensive, doesn’t mean they’re best for your body’s health. If our joints spend a lot of time in the same position, other areas get unused, decreasing circulation, increasing waste, and now our multi-functional phenomenon of a body is only a semi-sorta-functional body that aches when we wake.

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