Many dog foods on the market (just like human food) aren’t as nutritious as we think, or want them to be. And just like we humans should be well aware and proud of what we put in our stomachs, the same should go with our pets, right?! Read the nutrition labels on your pet food bags or cans…do you understand all those chemically processed-looking-words that fill up the back side?

Try to stick with food ingredients that you recognize, its one safe bet. Go as natural as possible. This goes for us and our fury friends! You may have to spend a little extra, but it could mean less trips to the vet (or doc), longer lives, and a healthier, happier pet.

  • Just like humans, your pet may be allergic to something you’re not aware of. Slowly introduce new foods, so you can test for any allergies. For example, try kale or celery and see how they respond.
  • Pets digest foods differently than we do. Cut or tear food in small pieces.
  • There are foods humans eat that are poisonous to dogs (like chocolate and grapes). If you want to learn more, click here
  • Hydration station. Many pet foods suck out the hydration within your pet (i.e. they’re dry, salty, etc). See our video below that can be applied to your fury animal!

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