Whether you’re an athlete, coach, competitor, trainer, newbie, or yogi, it’s highly beneficial to get out of YOUR norm and mix things up. This is for the sake of your body, mind, and yes, ego.

When you switch up your fitness routine:

Leave that ego at the door. Be open to new instructors, styles or workouts, and methods. You have a unique perspective (YOUR OWN) and it’s important to let any assumptions or expectations go.

How to choose:

There’s a weighty load of options and combinations. This is a good thing.

1) Think of what your current workout focuses on. For example, if you cycle, you’re most likely in a crouched position, drawing your knees to your chest. Open yourself up and get twisting. Pilates or yoga are spectacular for this. This is also great for runners!

2) Get to know your body. Are you tighter on one side than the other? Do you have a dominate leg or arm? When standing or walking, do you turn your toes in or out? The more you know what’s going on with your body, the more awareness you’ll have when working out. Better awareness leads to improved form. The better form we have, the more we’ll get out of the workout and prevent injury. Yay!

3) Be patient. Healthy and real results take time. This will vary for everyone. Yet thankfully your mindset can start right now. You have the choice right now to adjust the way you look at and tackle new challenges.


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