Cheerio chaps, it’s time to get your game face on, your war paint, your pom poms (they’re festive, right?), and your blow horn (toot). I’m on my way over to play in London Town with lululemon athletica and we will be doing some serious raucous making! Of course when I say “play in London Town” I won’t be officially competing in an Olympic sport. Oh no no, this time I’ll be playing and hanging as a fan, like a giddy gal who loves sports and sharing all the greatness with you!

As lululemon athletica‘s Storyteller while this cool global sporting event takes place, I will be sharing all sorts of stories with you! What Prince William was wearing at the water polo game, who had the best victory dance, noteworthy stuff like that. Well, maybe not. But in London Town, you never know what might happen.

White tote in hand and ready to roll. Hmm, that’s not the airport is it.

To help organize, strategize, and liberalize, we’ve added an Olympics tab above where I’ll be posting links to all the patriotic and yogathlete (cool word, right?) blogs while in London Town.

Keep a weathered eye on the horizon!


ps: If you’re a Twitter bug, follow me on @lululemonlive for live-time updates!



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