AYT’s Nutritional Guide – an Introduction to Eating Well (for download)

Your body is the one thing with you for your entire life. At least the only thing I can think of! And Earth is the only planet we inhabit (unless there are people already living on Mars and nobody told me?). Both your body and our world deserve some serious life-long attention. Like I said, they’re the only one’s we’ve got. Yet since we didn’t receive an owner’s manual for the human body or for planet Earth, it’s up to each of us to do our best to help both thrive. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally), your lifestyle and nutritional choices are deeply connected with the health of our environment. Wow, that is deep.

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I created this Nutritional Guide (download below) as a resource to empower both your own eating habits and the influences they have on our planet. You’ll find tips on making mindful changes in your nutrition, some of my favorite info-packed references, recommendations on where and what to shop for, as well as the story and benefits behind AYT lifestyle’s Happy Dough (our clean energy bites for sport, travel & proactive lifestyles).

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Be forewarned my inquisitive friend, this guide is solely a bit of the nutritious goods. There is always more to learn. Be patient. Absorb what feels best for you. And enjoy the digestive journey as much as you enjoy the outcome (yep, that’s a poop joke).

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Let’s cultivate clean nutrition and lifestyle balance together!
By Jaime Komer, your Nutrient Dense Guide to your Nutritional Guide.

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