If you took a snapshot of my face right now, you’d see a large grin spread across the photo. Why? In one month I will be leading our Olympian Yoga & Pilates Nicaragua Retreat (oh yes, there’s still time to sign up my traveling friends).

This retreat is hosted by Papaya Wellness, a unique and remote retreat location that has grown through its genuine grassroots and awesome yogi and surf skills. Did you see it highlighted in the recent lululemon blog? Check it.

So besides the Central American sun, surf, and sand, what should you be excited about? Let me count thy ways…



Often times when you are on your retreat, you stay within your surroundings. I get it. It’s comfortable. But…what if you had an opportunity to give back and connect with the local community? Hmm…now that’s an idea (Community Day, here we come!)


In the words of Kevin Miso, “Sometimes I can’t understand, why people look so down when they’re walking in the sand.” One of the goals of Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is to inspire others to find the inspiration within themselves…wherever you may be!

Finding Balance

Let go of your obligations, restrictions, expectations and assumptions. Open yourself up to the idea of possibilities and creating  balance within your life.

Are You Ready?

So let’s go! Click here for all the details. Email info@athleteyogitraveler.com for any questions. It’s time to book your flights!

Daily Purpose

Create a rewarding, efficient, purposeful day you are ridiculously PROUD of.

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Great success!