Where to go?On our 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Queenstown, my mind could not slow down enough for the life of me. Anxious. Excited. I had visited New Zealand once before, but it was for a week (just a week?). I was stuck on a tour bus and had to settle for gluing my head against the window to stare out longingly at the natural beauty passing me by. Oops, can we pause the ride while I wipe off my fogged up window? Not this time, I vow. Not this time.

This is why the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge was created.

Rule Number 1: Don’t be a tourist. Do as locals do.

Rule Number 2: Sweat every day.

Rule Number 3: To experience the world, get outside.

Outdoor Yoga, please!Besides these three “rules”, everything is fair game. We certainly had a clear goal for our adventure, yet with only a vague version of a master plan. But let’s be honest, traveling with a strict itinerary doesn’t leave much room for a proper adventure! Sure I’m left anxious and excited on the plane for what’s to come, but I know that our most memorable moments will most likely be from the unplanned, authentic, and organically grown. Hmm, that sure makes me hungry.

In the upcoming weeks, we will share with you 15 ways to to explore, sweat, and get outside in New Zealand. Let the real adventure begin!

Go time!

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