What motivates you? Is it a favorite song? A quote? A goal?

I’m guessing you’ve got a few of them. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is until we realize we’re running twice as fast and actually loving it! (mind you, this is coming from an odd & gangly runner who definitely takes advantage of gathering motivation from external forces like music)

Because we all prefer our motivation in different forms, here’s a few for the New Year and your New Goals!


“Inspiration is an unlimited power.”

“The new year brings a sense of new beginnings, the opportunity to close unwanted doors, opening new ones, and creating a fresh start. Recognize the things in your life right now that are no longer serving you in a positive way. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to initiate a change. But remember this, it is yours to make the change.” -Athlete. Yogi. Traveler.

“What is one thing that you do to motivate others? Find a way to build on this, for when we uplift others, we uplift ourself.” – Athlete. Yogi. Traveler.



What inspires you to push past boundaries, comfort zones, and expectations?

“Bombers over Ibiza (Junkie XL remix)” – Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack

“Calling (lose my mind) [radio edit] [feat. Ryan Tedder]” – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

“Collide (feat. Avicii) [radio edit] – Leona Lewis

“Every teardrop is a waterfall” – Coldplay




Daily Purpose

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Great success!