This is Self Care at its BEST.


I designed this 4-week program to empower your whole body wellness by making simple (yet super rad) changes in your day. I will show you how to care for your body and mind during a time when you need it most. You will learn how to safely and naturally infuse healthy movement, self care techniques and even exercise into your day (without having to go to a fitness class). We will work together to make the most out of the things you will already be doing with your tiny tater tot (baby): daily activities like lifting and lowering, feeding, carrying and tummy time. You will save time, energy, money and any unnecessary stress (both physical or emotional). You will be a part of a like-minded and uplifting community of Natural Wonder Mamas. Yes, please!

It’s like we’re pen pals. I’m writing to you each week, sharing how I took charge of my health as a new mom and how you can make your own. I miss having a pen pal, don’t you? Yet you’ll be happy to know my pen pal skills have stepped up since 6th grade, as now I’m also sending you videos, colorful images to share, inspiring resources and an online collective community.


4 weeks 


Learn how to naturally care for your body and mind during a time when you need it most.


A balancing dose of weekly guidance, how-to videos and an online community of like-minded mamas. 


  • 4 weeks of Inspiration, Motivation and Stimulation. Each week we cover important Body & Mind topics, shared in a clean and user-friendly format.

  • WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Exclusive access to your collective community of like-minded Natural Wonder Mamas.

  • PERSONAL CONNECTION. Through our online community, I am here to answer your self care and whole body wellness questions.

  • LIFE-LONG TOOLS: These are self care techniques you will be able to use every day.

  • HELPFUL. HEALING. WHOLE BODY. Weekly topics including:

    • How to get Better Quality Sleep

    • Awaken with Natural Energizers

    • How to Hydrate your New Mama Body

    • Naturally Healthy New Mama Snacks

Simple Weekly Format

Here’s how your 4-week program is organized: 

Sunday Inspiration: Each Sunday, I will introduce the week’s theme with a clear description of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how to infuse it organically into your week. It’s light, bright, inviting and playful. Just like us Natural Wonder Mamas! It includes:

  • One or more videos discussing and demonstrating the what, why, and especially the how. If you’re a visual gal, this will be super handy dandy.
  • A colorful download of the week’s key tips and natural ways to practice this newfound awesomeness.  

Wednesday Motivation Station: This is our midweek check in. Consider it a Self Care moment just for you! Plus the opportunity to connect with your fellow Natural Wonder Mama’s in our private collective community.

Friday Stimulation: We’ll enjoy a fun recap together from the week’s adventures. And to satiate your craving, I’ll add on a few of my favorite resources, from stimulating articles to a super cool videos.

Bonus Goodies:

(oh yes, there’s more)

  • “Diaper Sessions” Classes: These are 9 short movement videos filmed in real-time (me, as a very new mom) for you to practice with your wee one for waking up, calming down, life balancing and self care.
  • Additional resources to quench your curiosity and self care needs.

4 Weeks. 4 Self Care Themes

for a happier body (and mind).

Get up. Get Down.

Picking your baby up from the changing table or all the way down on the floor is one of the most frequent yet neglected movements we do. It can either leave you in pain (Oi, my back! What happened to my core and pelvic floor!?) or feeling strong, bootylicious and fluid. We will break down the squat together, how and when to naturally incorporate it into your day (remember, we saving time here) and how to navigate around common roadblocks. This section includes:

  • Video: Best practices for lifting and lowering your baby. Includes different heights, such as a changing table, bed and floor.

Feeding Time!

How many times do you feed your baby a day? And at night? A LOT, right!? Yet being in the same position, whether using a bottle or breast, can wear down our body. There is so much untapped opportunity here to make a few small adjustments to give yourself the self care you deserve. Yes, self care! It is possible! Together, we will make simple adjustments to rebalance your happy body parts. This section includes:

  • Video: I’ll be sharing my own habits when feeding Kovy and how by adjusting them, I can prevent a lot of my aches and pains.
  • Video: Let’s practice these self care adjustments during feeding time (perfect to watch while feeding).

Drop to the Floor.

If I told you that you can tone, lengthen and balance your body while bonding with your baby, would you believe me? Well, I certainly hope so! Spending time on the floor with your baby is fantastic for their physical and emotional development AND yours. In this section, I will guide you through short, playful and fun sessions, each with different themes to suit your mood. This session includes:

  • Videos: Play time! These are 3 different types of classes you can practice anytime. Each class is uniquely themed to give you the variety your body craves.
    • Wake me up.
    • Restore me, please.
    • Hello Core & Pelvic Floor.

Baby on Board.

What’s with babies getting heavier and heavier? Ha! Imagine your baby is a kettle bell. Well, we wouldn’t hold the kettlebell the exact same way all day or just swing it around without thinking about our form. We will explore how we can mindfully mix up our baby carrying habits, whether this is with our arms, in a carrier or a stroller. This session includes:

  • Video:  6 ways I carry Kovy to mix up my body work and give me balance.
  • Video: Self care tips for YOU when carrying your baby.
  • Bonus section: my favorite baby carriers.


When is the best time to start my email series?

This depends on when you’re physically and emotionally ready. I want to make sure you are motivated and feel ready to do this for yourself. Many new moms are “in the zone” for the first couple of months and prefer to focus solely on their wee one. Others want to connect immediately and apply my resources into each daily learning experience.

I will say this, I created this email series for the Natural Wonder Mama who has a baby 0-18 months or is currently pregnant (for those who like to get a head start). And the extra wonderful news is that by nourishing your own health, this creates a ripple effect benefiting your baby, family and lifestyle. I love it!

Ermm, is it weird to anyone else that we say a baby can be 0 months? That just sounds odd.

How old should my baby be?

This is completely up to you! What’s most important is that you feel like you’re at a point where you are ready and motivated for this adventure. I share more about this in the question “when should I start my course?”. In fact, some women may choose to take this when they’re pregnant and then restart it when their baby has appeared (read: born).

I will say that the age of your baby will influence your experience, depending if they are moving much yet. Either way, it’s truly an eye-opening delight to watch their development and observe how they learn to move. We can learn a lot from them!

I’m pregnant. Can I take this during my pregnancy?

Heck ya, you can. Even though I designed this with the assumption you already have your baby in your arms, you’ll find taking this email series when pregnant actually provides an ideal opportunity to visualize and prepare your body for the postnatal period. This way, you’ll already have all your too-cool-for-school tools to whip out when you want with your wee one.

Please note: My videos include movements that are not intended for pregnancy (e.g. tummy time). It is your responsibility to modify accordingly and do what’s right for your own body.

I’m a visual learner. Is this email series for me?

That’s the beauty of adding videos into an email. You get the best of both worlds. So YES, this email series is for you.

I’m a visual learner myself, especially when it comes to learning a new technique or physical movement. So I made sure you get a balance of short and sweet videos with lively writing (we’re pen pals, remember?).

My friend wants to take this email series. Can I forward her my weekly emails?

As a Natural Wonder Mama, I know you live with integrity and honor the countless hours I have dedicated towards this series. You respect that I am doing my best to make a living for my family. I am a small business owner and rely on my services and products to earn an income. You also recognize that I have invested years of my life towards my education and continued learning, which has allowed me to create this series for you. So I ask that you do not share these emails with others. 

But guess what?? Since you are so awesome and we honor each other’s worth, your friends will receive 25% off their email series. And YOU will receive 15% off any Naturally Healthy Program with me. I’m grateful to have you as a part of this community and sharing your light!

What if I miss a week?

You will receive a Howler (any Harry Potter fans out there?). Just kidding.

Life happens. Literally. In the form of a baby! One of the top messages I hope to convey is to be kind to yourself and be compassionate. Part of self care is to bring awareness to yourself and your needs. Yes, you are a Natural Wonder Mama, part Natural Wonder and part Superhero, but even superheroes deserve self care (it’s true!).

This is why I send out a Wednesday Motivation Station, to offer a little extra zest, refresher and address common issues we may run into. I also add on a Friday Rejuvenation & Stimulation, as a helpful recap from the week.

Best of all, you will be a part of a likeminded community where you can find support, ideas and motivation.

My Story

While pregnant with my son, Kovy, I knew I would need to shift my perspective on how I would care for my body, exercise and balance life as a new mom. Sure, I love getting out for a group workout, but I might not always have the time, money or babysitter. And there’s so much more to a healthy thriving body and mind than a single fitness class. So how will I ever feel physically and emotionally amazing, let alone recover from such a demanding athletic event (ahem, giving birth)? 

I asked myself, why can’t I combine my long time passion for natural movement and blend my “exercise” into my day? Isn’t that the way we, as awesome human beings, were designed to move, after all? In a variety of ways throughout the day?

With this epiphany, I made a conscious decision to change my daily approach to healthy living.

Now I don’t have to carve out extra time (unless I want to), I get to feel amazing everyday and I still get to be with my son. It’s not fair to keep a good secret like this all to myself. I had to share this with you!

Because of these small yet powerful changes I’ve made in my day, I now save heaps of time, energy, money and any unnecessary stress. I know, that sounds too good to be true. But hey, it’s the real deal holyfield. Best of all, I actually feel more connected to my body and empowered with my health. Can I get a Double Whammy Yay!? Hollaaa for your Mamaaa!

At the same time as my lifestyle changes, I kept hearing other moms share their frustrations in not having the time to workout. Yet they have strong yearning (understatement) to get back to feeling healthy and fit. Does this resonate with you? I’m guessing so. As a means to solve this predicament (and save us all from unnecessary aches and pains), I am thrilled to now share my best practices with you.

In this workshop, I share key practices that I know every modern mom will benefit from. Yes, this is a bold statement. Yet the solution is easier than you might think. Believe it or not, you already have all the tools you need to get your exercise on at home with your baby. Seriously. You’re amazing like that. I’m simply here to guide you in how to use these tools!

Consider my resources the best accessory in your daily life.

It will add extra flare (who doesn’t love flare?) and zest to your life. The best part of all, you get to keep being YOU. We’re not trying to make an extreme change that you can’t maintain. That’s exhausting and discouraging. THIS is uplifting, FUN and doable. We’re simply swapping out one thing for another. Clever, right?

We will take cues from our ancestors and even our own baby. We will reawaken how to move as we once did. This is natural movement adapted for the modern lifestyle. Yay!

When you’re ready, click on one of the “buy” buttons above and you’ll be set for November 12th! Do you have more questions? Be sure to peruse the FAQ’s above. Or email me directly at Yep, you’ll be reaching me. Not a robot.

Let the adventures continue!