Elevate While sitting under the sunny skies of Orange County and talking with a few lululemon athletica pals about our personal goals, an idea popped into our inquisitive heads. “What if we write down our own dream job description? Why can’t we create a job that we are ultimately the best in the world at (and by nature the most passionate about)?” Well that’s a novel idea!

I recently posted a little guidance (and healthy encouragement) on how to write out your dream job. Now it’s time to hold myself accountable and share my own. Let’s send it out in the universe!

As my fellow lululemon co-conspirer said, “You don’t get fired from your own life”. So what do you have to lose?



My role is to connect, sweat, share, and uplift.

I am an Experience Creator.

I am financed by companies looking to explore, connect and uplift a community, create a positive impact from an experience, and share it with the world.

I travel to a destination. I explore the nooks and crannies of an area, searching for an inspiring, local experience. I veer off the beaten path, avoiding tour buses,  I create, experience, and share adventures (who’s up for some outdoor yoga?). I share the gift of yoga, pilates, sweating, and goal setting with the community. We always leave a place happier than how we found it.

As an experience creator, I aim to inspire and challenge the athlete, yogi, and traveler, in all of us.

Ideal Candidate: 

-You’re an upbeat kid who is naturally attracted towards other positive people and things.

-You rock working on your own and love to balance this with getting out into a community and connecting.

-New experiences and adventures are right up your alley. An evolving routine does not send you out the door running for the hills. In fact, you thrive off of new challenges. And you certainly do enjoy running IN the hills.

-Even though you may be the face/creator, you left your ego at home because you know the concept behind each experience is bigger than anyone including yourself.

-You’re at your best when you’re on an adventure.

-Even though you’re a perfectionist, you balance this by being an avid “wanderer”. It’s amazing what can come from an organically grown conversation or exploration.

-You race. You run. You swim. You paddle. You hike. You climb. You flow. You love to sweat.

– There’s no need for salespeople. In fact, your energy and enthusiasm for what you do naturally radiates from you.

The Nitty Gritty (required skills):

-Crazy awesome work ethic

-people person, great connector

-live and promote an active & healthy lifestyle

-Experienced in social media, digital storytelling

-Ability to speak in front of large groups, comfortable in front of camera

-self-motivated, independent, entrepreneurial spirit

-Creative and able to think beyond the realm of “typical” 

A Day in the Life of:

-Interact with companies on goals, proposed projects and locations.

-Research locations and opportunities to explore and get involved with a local region.

-You connect and meet with those in a community, setting up adventures and events.

-You participate in races, sweaty adventures, community events, local experiences.

-Don’t be shy, take pics, blog away, and hop in front of the camera to share your day!

-Maintain relationships with local communities. How can we continually uplift an area? Hmm, good question.

The End.


Photo Shout Out: Cover image compliments of the highly talented Paige Lowe Photography.

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