Maui Jim Women’s Adventure Series!

Embrace Your Summer and Live it Up!

Get ready for your very own surf and turf adventure in Newport Beach this July 20th – 22nd.  The Maui Jim Women’s Adventure Series featuring the fantabulous surfing great, Mary Osborne, will be sharing all her savvy skills with you during this unforgettable weekend!

A surfing retreat isn’t complete without a few good quality yoga sessions to keep you lengthened and limber.  So guess who will be leading you through all your down dogs?  Yep, it’s time to get wild, my friends, I’ll be taking you through all your chatarangas!

Check out this link for all the juicy goodness (& further info on how to sign up):  Maui Jim Women’s Adventure Series!

Have fun, laugh, learn, enjoy, improve, challenge.  & heck, let’s laugh some more!  


*Extra oh-so-cool bonus: Retreats can be pricey, but Maui Jim is hooking up this long weekend away for a very reasonable & enticing price.

*Extra Extra Bonus:  You’re receiving your surfing lessons from a Champion Longboarder!  And your yoga lessons are from an Olympic Athlete!  Not too shabby, right?

*Even if you’re a local, this is a killer deal and ideal opportunity to take advantage of your gorgeous neighborhood.  Live like you’re on vacation without leaving town.  That’s a pretty legit motto, right?

*All skill levels welcome!  Never jumped on a board before?  Now’s your chance, fancy pants!

Hope to see you there!!  

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