Mala Wala Bing Bang

By March 20, 2012News

Have you ever come across a particularly unique set of mala beads that spoke to you?  Perhaps they said something like “Hey there sassy pants, you may not know it just yet, but I’ve been made for YOU.”

To be completely honest, I only recently learned what mala beads are all about…

Mala beads can be thought of as prayer beads.  During meditation, you typically roll your fingers over a mala bead every time you recite a mantra.  A mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat over and over, and ‘mala wala bing bang’ doesn’t count!  We’re talking about mantras of a more spiritual nature.  Simply put, mala beads help you keep count of how many times you say a mantra, without distracting you of thinking things like “24, 25, 26, crap, what number am I on?”.

Though I personally do not have a meditation practice that includes the use of mala beads, I’ve found myself utterly fascinated with them.

The jewelry designer in me says “Oooh, what a unique use of gemstones.  Why turquoise I wonder?”

The yogi in me says “I know I don’t meditate in a traditional fashion, but I think there’s a really special energy in these beads.”

And my silly conscience says “you better not just get these because they’re perdy, they better mean something to you!”.

So I held out for quite some time…until I came across the Holly Blue Agate.

Yes, the stones themselves have to speak to you.  But just as important is the written description of what they signify and mean.

Holly Blue Agate 

Enhance speech, communication, talk.  Thyroid help, helps to breath, understanding.  Motivate to change.  Lightness and Spontaneity.  Calming.

Isn’t it bizarro, for the first few days that I wore these I’ve encountered a specific situation where I’ve had an opportunity to focus on my speech and communication.  Let’s just say HOA meetings can get intense; it’s not every day I get to break up a yelling tantrum between two overly stubborn and proud adult males.

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