A helpful reminder at the door of Evolve Wellness in London Town.

Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is on the move!

 Thanks Olympic Games, you put this wild idea in my head that I can always work harder and reach farther than what I think possible.  Go figure, this has led me to jump the gun a little bit (let’s be honest, it’s more like a lot) when it comes to intense challenges. It’s crazy hard and no one has ever done it before? Let’s do it! That’s what Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is all about.

My challenge: Five yoga classes at lululemon’s five partner studios all in one day. Because I was an athlete before I ever practiced my first Warrior I (how ever did I manage!), it’s only proper that we add an athletic event to this endeavor. Along with using the tube (pronounced ‘chube’), I will run two separate stretches between studios, about 6 miles total.

Watch out London Town, a tall, sweaty gal with a yoga mat is on the loose! 

After 13 hours of absolute active entertainment (plus 4 hours for evening recovery and festivities), here are a few of highlights from my Yogathlete Challenge:

It’s quiet time in the charming loft at The Life Centre in Notting Hill.

Yoga class number two is a success, a little support goes a long way.

– London’s yoga scene is great! It’s growing and has some beautiful studios and talented instructors leading the way. (psst: Lizzie Reumont who teaches at Indaba Studio and The Life Centre provides remarkable adjustments. She’s certified in Thai massage and everything else that will make your muscles melt.)

-Talk about taking your yoga practice off the mat. A day like this was a solid reminder to be present in each moment. Just like when an elite athlete competes, if we’re not focused on the present, we cannot be at our absolute best. Yoga opened my eyes to this simple notion, one that has benefited countless elite athletes out there.

-A day full of yoga, what’s not to love? Hip-openers, restorative poses, powerful flows. Did I fall asleep at the end of some classes? Heck ya, I did!

-Running from class to class, that was the real kicker. It’s always amusing to walk into your heated yoga class already drenched with sweat. There’s no better way to see the city than to run through it.

-Celebration time! Our lululemon team donned our cheer gear (including the princess herself) and cheered with proper flare at an evening beach volleyball match.

 -Competing in the Olympics has taught me that combining work ethic and thinking outside the box goes a freakishly long way. Why not try something that sounds absurd and challenging at the same time? Those daring experiences just might become your most memorable!

(for a few lil’ details, scroll over photo)

Time to master plan for my next adventure. Any suggestions? Or better yet, what are yours?


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Great success!