My water polo goalie crew (minus one). Little did they know their goalie sessions would include so much body (nerd) mechanics and discussions on motivation, being present, leadership, and awareness. Surprise!

On our final night of the USA Water Polo Futures Camp at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, I was asked to share “my story” of becoming an Olympic Athlete with the young athletes attending. In proper “Himay” – that’s me – form, I jotted down a few points I knew I wanted to make…

  1. In any situation, recognize what you can control vs what you cannot control. Focus on what you can control.

  2. You always have a choice in how you respond, react, and act. Take ownership of each choice – always (it is your life, after all).

Besides these two life lessons or themes if you will, I figured I’d wing the talk and see what would come out. (not following a script is also in proper Himay form.) I mean, it’s not that hard to talk about yourself, right? Oddly enough, as much as I instruct, guide, and work with athletes of all ages, I don’t often share my whole story. And by whole story, I mean the good, the bad, and the awesomely ugly. I mean, who wants to hear about the awesomely ugly? Little did I know, the awesomely ugly is where we learn the most, where we grow, where we ultimately define who we are and what we’re made of. 

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Here I am, in front of 40+ teenage boys and girls from across the US, suddenly amped to share it all (or at least as much as I could squeeze into an evening). Yet why now? What changed? And what does this have to do with you, you might be asking? Because, I think a part of your whole story, is the same as mine – The good, the bad, and the awesomely ugly. Yet I don’t think we know just how relevant and inspiring our story might be to someone else. (and if you just thought to yourself – oh no, not me, mine isn’t that inspiring – I’m going to stop you right there and ask you to reread items number 1 and 2 above. Thank you. Please continue…)

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An athlete came up to me at the camp, asking to speak one-on-one about their goals (I shall keep this athlete nameless). This took courage, which I admire – for one, I’m scary (have you seen me?) and two, sharing goals is a powerful yet often intimidating act (once you say it out loud, it’s out in the universe. Eek!).

During our conversation, this athlete shared they don’t get to play as much because there are “better” athletes on the team. This clearly influenced the confidence of the athlete.

Wham. This hit me like a ton of cement-filled water polo balls (which is not unlike how it feels getting smacked in the head by the ball while playing – hey, it’s part of the job). We do not like to fail. And most of the time when we’re not the best, we think we’ve failed. It’s as though we’ve made up this notion that we no longer deserve (or can get) what we truly want.

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What if you were given a jar labeled “Confidence” when you were born? It’s the only confidence you get your entire life. Your parents hold onto it while you’re learning to take your first steps and then they hand it off to you to hold, protect, and balance. If it tips over from a (potentially personally perceived) embarrassing or fearful incident, you’ve lost those precious few ounces forever. Dang, that would suck.

There you go again Jaime, spilling your confidence all over the floor. Klutz!

This is how some of us live. This is how I lived for some time though I didn’t want to admit. Heck, I didn’t even realize it.

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Here I am in front of these young athletes in Colorado Springs and I see my experiences mirrored in theirs. I think to myself, I can teach these athletes how to refill their confidence jar. Hold on, that’s like popping a pill for a headache. It doesn’t fix the cause of a problem, only the symptom. Let me rephrase – I can inspire these athletes how to improve their balance and stability so they don’t spill the jar in the first place. Boom. Yet thankfully confidence jars do not exist.

Thankfully your head and heart have an uncanny ability to strive for balance – a unique space in which you thrive. Your head and heart have a knack for finding any imbalance, whether emotional or physical. You just have to listen. Take out the white noise. And listen. If you can’t hear anything, just reread numbers 1 & 2 up top, a few more times. If you still can’t hear anything. No worries. Just keep reading my Proactive Global Goods and pay special attention to any recommended handy resources. If you give the whole-istic approach (translation: proactive lifestyle) a chance, the white noise will lessen and your body (and mind) will literally sort itself out.

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In proper JK form, I write this to you with an initial purpose, while unknowingly (yet knowing all too well) that I would discover another purpose by the end.

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I am restarting our Proactive Global Goods (PGG) at AYT lifestyle, to share with you the good, the bad, and the awesomely ugly. Because you (yes, you) inspire me to be a better person. I know you’re out there. We may not have met yet, but I know you’re awesome (yes, you are).

My goal is to do the same for you. How? By doing what I love to do: scour the globe for uplifting (and accurate) information to put the power (education + motivation + experience) into your hands. In other words, I want to be a fantastic resource for you on how to live a healthy and proactive lifestyle. Word.

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  • New categories to easily peruse all PGG’s. This will make it easy for you to find helpful resources and subjects most relevant to you: EAT CLEAN, GOAL SETTING, HEALTHY MINDSET, MOVEMENT & EXERCISES, RECIPES, RECOMMENDED RESOURCES, BODY EDUCATION, FREE WORKSHEETS, TRAVEL WELL & DAILY LIFESTYLE PRACTICES.
  • While we (Jaime or Matt Komer) will be writing the actual PGG, at times we will be sharing HEAPS of our favorite resources. We only share resources that we genuinely respect and enjoy. They are the people, places, and things we learn from. No one is paying us to share these.
  • While we are not research experts, we are very picky about providing accurate information. We will be sharing both anecdotal and factual information. We will do our best to make a distinction between the two (something that has been somewhat lost in social media these days – just saying…that was anecdotal, btw).
  • We are a small business (translation: Matt & Jaime Komer with Mosman to Beast as our Mascot)…we highly enjoy any feedback, comments, or special requests on the information and experience we provide. Seriously. If you are still reading this, I would love to know who you are and what you are interested in! You can also share any jokes…I love jokes.

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PS: Are you signed up for our Proactive Global Goods? Oh, and what about your friend? You know, the one with the achy back. Oh, and what about the one who’s always wanting to learn more about nutrition? Just guessing, they might dig this goodness, too.

PPS: So what was the good, the bad, and the awesomely ugly that I shared with the Future’s Camp? Ahh, well, you’ll have to keep reading the PGG’s for that one, friend.

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