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A Life Lesson on Compassion: When to clean up your sh** (and the sh** of others)

By February 4, 2017 No Comments

Do you ever feel like your life is a ridiculous comedy? You know, those too-funny-to-be-a-coincidence moments, where all you can think is Seriously? I can’t help but laugh at this experience otherwise I’d totally break down. This is exactly what happened when I had a life lesson on cleaning up my own sh**. Literally. Wait, why would I do that? And yes, I am using this as a metaphor…but also literally. Ew.


Kovy is 4 weeks old and his digestive system is at its optimum. Translation: we are changing a lot of diapers. There is a lot of poo.

It takes a lot of energy to deal with your shiznit.

We also have an elderly doggy (Sir Maximus!) in the house who is having issues with his bowel control. Translation: There is a lot of poo.

Hi, I’m Sir Maximus.

Thankfully for our wee little man and this gentle giant of a dog, we’re here to pick up after them.

To me, these situations reminds me of showing compassion to others who are in need. Think about it, sometimes we’re not able to pick up after ourselves. We need help. We need support. We need a loving hand. And I’m talking beyond babies and old doggies. I mean when we’re going through a tough time and we need a shoulder to lean on.

Has there been a time when you needed a shoulder to lean on? Why? Who gave you a shoulder? What did you learn from it?

I admit, it’s not always easy for me to show compassion. I have this sense of independence ingrained in me with an unpractical dogma that we each can and should take care of ourselves. If you look at this on the lighter side, I feel we should and can be accountable for our actions. But sometimes this view takes a more dominating approach when I think someone is only willing to blame the world for their problems (and never look inward), which leaves little room for compassion. As Tom Hanks’ character so aptly states in A League of their Own, “there’s no crying in baseball!”. I agree. Well, I did…

“Are you crying?”

With the entire experience of bringing Kovy into the world (pregnancy, the birthing process, being a new mom), this has released a nurturing, sensitive and compassionate side I had been holding back (totally like Tom Hanks…remember how by the end he’s a total softy and connects so well with everyone because he finally opens up? And stops binge drinking, of course).

I think if you don’t live with compassion in your life, you shut yourself out from experiencing connection and community with others. And that sounds pretty lonely. I have felt that before and it’s no fun. It was my own doing. I isolated myself and didn’t put myself out there to connect with others. I didn’t want to be feel vulnerable. And I felt like I was so different from others, I didn’t understand how I could connect on the same wavelength. But it’s only when we’re vulnerable, that we can create connections and community with others. Plus, I finally realized it’s possible to be different from others yet still connect in other ways (we’re all different, duh! That’s what makes each of us unique!). Hmm, I think if every person in our country (and planet) showed a little more compassion, everyone would be a wee bit happier (and cooler).

You may be a lobster and I may be a pirate ship, but we can still show each other compassion.


Ya…so back to I can’t help but laugh at this experience otherwise I’d totally break down…


After a full day of diaper patrol and doggy-duty (more like doody)…I took advantage of a free and peaceful toilet moment (aka: I had to poop. hey, we all do it. hopefully). I did my business. All was well. And then it happened. The toilet was clogged. The plunger didn’t work…it overflowed. And I mean it ALL overflowed. The last thing I expected after a long day was to be staring at this horrific chaos overflowing. Matt’s in the bedroom holding Kovy. Can I ask him to help? No. This isn’t his battle. This one’s mine. I got myself in this mess. I gotta get myself out.

Hmm, suddenly little baby poops don’t seem so bad.


  1. Sometimes shit in your life has to get worse before it gets better.

  2. You have to deal with you own shit. The drama, the issues, the source of it all. Other people can try, but when it comes down to it, you have to figure yourself out first.

  3. Show yourself compassion. You deserve it. 

  4. Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and a hilarious moment to blog about.

And there you have it folks. A real life lesson from poop. I kid you not, I was thinking – in the moment, while cleaning everything up – how this would make for a comical blog. Funny enough, Matt was in the other room thinking the same thing.

I am grateful that I am learning to show myself more compassion (I’m pretty tough on myself – could you guess?), as well as others. I think this is all we can ask of ourselves – to love ourselves as (truly) we are, and do the same for others.

Awww, such a sweet moral of the story from such a stinky experience. Now THAT’S the difference between an ordeal and a hilarious moment to blog about!


Where in your life can you show yourself more compassion?

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