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Layin’ Low in Costa Rica

By June 20, 2012 No Comments

Where should you go in Costa Rica if you want to experience your own private retreat, something that is slightly off the beaten path (just to the left, down the dirt road, if fact), but gives you the most bang for your buckaroonies?

We asked ourselves the same question when we set out on a whim to Costa Rica. Here is what we found!

(check out each photo for all the juicy goodness!)

Extra Juicy Goodness & Links:

Where to Stay: Casa Brisas del Estero

Happy Hour in Tamarindo: Copacabana

Playa Samara: Gusto Beach Mediterranean Cuisine

Spa: Coco Beauty Spa is a delicious little find in the heart of Tamarindo.  It’s super clean, relaxing, with very kind and thorough therapists, and heaps of treatments to choose from (and we found some great deals with them, too!).

Cafe:  What’s a vacation without finding a unique cafe with great coffee?  Le Petit Cafe is a fun find that we’d stop by on our way from our villa to our next adventure.    Coffee = Yuuummm.


On a Side Note:

-The new Liberia Airport is scheduled to be completed in November of 2012.  Until then, there is very little food and drink available to purchase pre boarding.

-There is an Exit Fee of appx. $28.  If paid by credit card, you might be charged more upon statement.


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