latest and greatest from the Olympics

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Couple Olympians you may recognize!
@ USA House with Carl Lewis – Track & Field
Genai Kerr – Water Polo

Highlights from the sidelines  the first couple days in London have been quite entertaining, fancy?  (7/31/12)

chelsea gang by the bridge

London Calling  my first lululemon Olympic blog – finally in London Town today! (7/27/12)

London Town in 24 hrs!  lululemon athletica blog from their Chelsea store guru (7/26/12) – – PLUS follow me live during the Games on twitter @lululemonlive

One Day and Counting! pre-game for London ’12 article (7/26/12)

#TeamOC  myHealthyOC video blurp on #TeamOC Olympian support!

Olympism, the foundation of Kids Play International  KPI post about the connection between their company and the Olympics (7/17/12)

the dream after the olympic dream  lululemon athletica blog post (1/16/12)


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