AYT Note: This blog is a part of the Sweaty New Zealand Challenge Series: 15 days & 15 ways to sweat. The purpose of an Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. Adventure is to take ourselves off the beaten path and into new territory. New places, new people, new scenery, new ways to sweat. Game on.

Hark! Who goes there?Why do we Wanaka?

The South Island of New Zealand is known for its outdoor adventures, adrenaline rushes, and rugged horizons. Wanaka is no exception with its snow-capped mountains hugging the clear waters of the fourth largest lake in New Zealand.

An hour and twenty drive from the oh-so frequented Queenstown, Wanaka is your laid back lakeside town with more walking, hiking, and biking paths you’ll know what to do with. After your adventurous day of wandering, kick your feet up at the local lakeside winery or pub and cheers your mate for a day well spent!

Kayak to Ruby Island

A calm morning looking out to Ruby Island. This photo is taken from the Rippon Winery, which offers a superb locale for wine tastings and lunch!

A calm morning looking out to Ruby Island. This photo is taken from the Rippon Winery, which offers a superb locale for wine tastings and lunch!

– 2.4 kilometers to Ruby Island from the shore of Roy’s Bay (more specifically, from the Information Center where you can rent single or double kayaks, located on the lake’s edge in town). For map image, click here.

-To rent a single kayak is $15 per hour.

– For scenic coastline views, paddle counterclockwise along the coastline making your way out to Ruby Island (this adds some mileage to the trip but it’s well worth it if you have the time).

-Get your paddle on in the morning so you can enjoy cruising over the glassy water. The afternoon can get a wee bit windy, making it a bit of a mission to paddle through.

-You’ve been hiking all over New Zealand so this is the perfect chance to give your legs a break and get the blood flowing in your arms.

-Ruby Island is a small island with just a small path through the bush, a BBQ, a couple picnic tables, and a boat dock. It’s all you need to enjoy a picnic under the sun and some outdoor yoga on the dock!

-Give yourself 2 – 3 hours, depending on how competitive you get about sprinting to and from the island.

What did we love most about this challenge? The stellar, unique views of the mountains and coastline. It felt like we had the lake to ourselves, with very few boats about. *If you visit during the summer time, this might be a different story. We recommend visiting during an off-season, like Spring time!

Products we tested/loved/got sweaty with:

*Scott Hawaii: Sandals and gear perfect for a day under the sun.

*Hinano Tahiti: Laid back, colorful, and comfortable. Enough said.

*GoPro: What a view! (Hero2)

*CamelBak: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. (Big Chill with the jet valve)

*RawRev: Raw nutritional bars. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the energy to race to the island!

*COOLA: Organic suncare that is good for you and the earth? Can’t go wrong with that. (Sunscreen Spray SPF 35 Sport, Unscented Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30)

*lululemon athletica: Moisture wicking material? Perfect for when I get my bum wet in the kayak!


Daily Purpose

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Great success!