This post (scroll below for free download!) is part of a continued discussion exploring the question What does it mean to EAT CLEAN? If you haven’t read my previous post on this stimulating subject, please wander over there now. It’s like a prebiotic, it will help prepare you to digest and absorb all the nutritional goodness from this blog.

It's time to go exploring! Your journey will be different from anyone else's. Yep, you're that special.

It’s time to go exploring! Your journey will be different from anyone else’s. Yep, you’re that special.

On eating clean…we’ve covered why it’s important to question your source of nutritional advice, along with how eating clean can mean many different things, depending on your perspective. Now I’ll be sharing my own version of how we can eat clean on a daily basis to feel our best today, tomorrow and 10 years from now (I call this Sustainable Health). I hope you’re already asking, why should I trust you, Jaime? This means you’ve still got your Curious Inquisitor Cap on from the last blog. Good on ya! To answer your question in the form of a nutshell:

Nutshell Begin: It’s your choice to trust me or not as a resource for eating clean and navigating a healthy lifestyle. Let’s hear it for freedom of choice! My perspective is based on my experience training for the Olympic Games, instructing for several years within the fitness / health community, traveling around the world and observing other cultures, certifications in plant-based sports nutrition, creating and selling our nutrient dense Happy Dough snacks and learning about the global connection your nutrition has with your entire wellbeing. More importantly, I am crazy passionate about understanding how things are connected and how one thing may influence another. I think this stemmed from my own experience of injuries, stress, fatigue, digestion issues. I was always perceived as the “healthy one”, which perplexed me since I was also dealing with these annoying ailments. Seriously, how healthy are you if you experience a plethora of negative symptoms?

When I dove in deeper into exploring the potential cause of my own negative symptoms, I noticed many resources out there only focus on putting a bandaid on the symptom, not addressing the cause. Let alone the big picture and how all the causes are intertwined. This (along with my continued education and finding my own trusted resources), I made certain changes in my nutrition (and lifestyle) and experienced some seriously positive and elevating outcomes.


Perhaps the enlarged nutshell above explains why I’m so passionate about what I love to do. You have to be curious to explore!

To top this nutshell off with some delectable ghee, I believe we are each unique and there is never a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to your nutrition, health or lifestyle. I do my best to respect this when sharing ways to navigate a healthy lifestyle. I do not believe in quick fixes, because your body adapts to what you do most often, so a quick fix may only be addressing the symptom, not the cause of an issue. You need to address health from a whole-istic (global) perspective. Nutshell End.Wow, that’s one big nut.

Man, you’re a tough interrogator.

Starting simple…the following snippet is an excerpt from my Nutritional eGuide1000x200-blog-titles-12


When possible, eat local, organic, non-GMO, nutrient dense and primarily alkaline-forming foods.

These 5 adjectives (local, organic, non-GM , nutrient dense, alkaline-forming) cast a big net over healthy nutrition guidance, without (yet) going into the necessary detail and explanation (hence why this is a Nutritional Guide, not a Nutritional Sentence). Yet I have to say, I am quite proud of myself for this simple sentence (being someone who tends to write as though I’m talking to you in person, spouting out run-off sentences and quirky sound effects while giving you 5 explanations – thus, 5 run-off sentences – about why something is the way it is, even though I am just literally whipping it out of my – wait, what was I talking about?).

Back to eating local, organic, non-GMO, nutrient dense and primarily alkaline-forming foods…


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