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20 girls + 20 big dreams = Future Goal Crushers

I had the pleasure of leading a Yoga & Goals Workshop for 20 girls, ages 8 – 14, with our local, rockin’ ivivva athletica. And I have to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Will these girls be into setting goals and dare I hope that they’re even into talking about them? Do they care about their form and alignment for each yoga pose and how to incorporate it into their everyday activities? With any group workshop, you never quite know what the response will be until you get rolling. And roll we did!

These gals were focused, excited, eager to learn, and showed some seriously good quality goal crushing skills! We flowed through yoga poses, adding one to next creating an entire rhythmic sequence complimented with our steady breath.

Recapping on our successful sesh, Heather the Store Manager at ivivva Corona del Mar, shared that “reading all the girls’ goals gave me chills!” Oh so true, Heather.

These gals are not afraid to think big, and that’s something that us adults often overlook. It’s a shame really, thinking big is so much fun!

A refreshing take on goal setting

Goal setting with youth gives me a refreshing reminder that the constraints that hold most of us adults back from our dreams (yes, I’m talking about you, money, time, and education) are lame distracting perceptions of the brain. Sure, they exist. But often times we allow them to act as a barrier, where we aren’t able to look past them and see our true (ginormous) dreams. Once we create our big goal, THEN we can talk about working through our lovely constraints.

Thank goodness for all the kids who remind us that big dreams deserve to exist in the forefront of our minds!

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Great success!