We’re asking ourselves, why did it take us so long to finally try on an IntelliSkin shirt?!  Well, we recently took a trip to their headquarters in Newport Beach, got the breakdown of their products, benefits and ways to use them. Here’s our review after sweating, typing, walking, lifting, driving and all that other good stuff we do daily.

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What is IntelliSkin?

It’s compression-style apparel (mainly shirts; shorts recently released), that helps correct posture and alignment. Think of it as wearing that black kinesio tape you see on many athletes these days, but as a shirt or short. The IntelliSkin concept was developed by Dr. Tim Brown, a leading sports medicine professional, after more than 30 years treating some of the world’s elite athletes and working with leading health care professionals. Dr. Brown is connected with the AVP, ASP – Association of Surfing Professionals – and a wide variety of professional athletes.

Why should I use IntelliSkin?

  • Just taking a guess here, but you likely have back or neck pain at some point during the week.
  • You are likely to slouch during the day – at the computer, driving, using your phone, on the couch, etc.
  • You talk about correcting your posture, just never take the next step to help yourself.
  • You want to improve athletic performance and reduce injury.
  • You want to align the spine, allowing you to not only look better, but also feel better and upright!

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When can I wear this product?

Just about anytime during the day. Whether you’re at a desk, driving, shopping or getting sweaty during your fitness workouts, you can wear this product.

  • There are moderate and maximum support levels of the apparel.
  • When first trying the product, its recommended to wear it at 30-60 minute increments to get your body used to the compression and comfortability.
  • Importante: be sure to Hang Dry ONLY! Don’t throw these guys in the dryer.

What’s my size?

Unless you have broad shoulders, you’ll want to wear the same size as a well-fitting shirt.

How can I easily get this shirt on and off?

Check this video out for better visuals on “how to”. It may be awkward the first time or two, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Who is IntelliSkin’s audience?

Essentially anyone! Think about it, just about everyone we know slouches and/or has posture and alignment related issues. From the most elite athletes to those cranking away at a desk 8+ hours a day. Give yourself some added love & support, even get an upper back muscular workout wearing these bad boys!

How do I get my body in IntelliSkin?

We got a nice little hook up from the IntelliSkin folk to help share the love with our friends. Click here to browse the current products and be sure to enter this Promo code and hit Apply upon check out – 29390

Or if you have questions, shoot us an email: info [at] athleteyogitraveler.com