This Little Piggy…Why We Love Injinji Socks:

  • They allow for a smooth transition from shoe to sandal to walking inside with no shoes. What, you don’t rock the socks and flip flops? 
  • We ran, hiked, walked, biked, and ran some more. With no blisters to show for it.
  • When it’s a wee bit colder out, the mid-weight socks kept our toesies warm.
  • The durable outdoor material stays intact after hours and hours of using and abusing it in all terrain.
  • You know how when you wear no-show socks, they often sneak down into your shoe? (what, you never bought the multi-color 8-pack of Costco socks?) Yay for Injinji no-shows, because they don’t.
  • As Mel Gibson would say in Braveheart, Yoga Toeless Socks give you FREEEEEDOOOOOOOMMM.
  • The grip and traction on the bottom of the Yoga Socks is super secure, even after multiple washes.
  • Yoga Socks are great for pilates, too!

InjinjiInjinji Products We Used (and abused):

Jaime Sweat In: Yoga Original Mini-Crew Toeless, Performance 2.0 Lightweight No-Show, Performance Midweight No-Show, Outdoor Lightweight No-Show.

Matt Sweat In: Yoga Original Mini-Crew, Performance 2.0 Lightweight No-Show, Performance Midweight Mini-Crew, Outdoor Lightweight No-Show.


Injinji in Action: 

Injinji and Yoga: