Independence Day Questionnaire

In celebration of July 4th, the day of our country’s independence, we’d like to offer a particularly patriotic “fill in the blank” opportunity (I know you remember Mad Libs, right?)

If you’re oh-so proud of your results, share them with us in the comment section below! Happy 4th of July all you ______ (adjective) peeps!

In Celebration of Independence Day

I am _________ (adjective) because today, July 4th, is a day of ________ (awesome activity). In fact, I plan to ________ (verb) for _______ (number) minutes today! Can you believe it!?

If I recall, our ________ (adjective) country earned its independence thanks to the many _______ (plural noun) and _________ (plural noun) that ________ (verb – past tense) their way to victory. God bless _________ (Pronoun).

Now just in case you were wondering, my favorite thing about America is ___________ (unique activity or experience). I’m also quite proud of ________ (verb) in ___________ (location or place within the US). I mean, who wouldn’t be!?

In celebration of this special day, I plan to wear a ________ (color)  ________ (article of clothing) with my ___________ (historical piece of clothing). I’ll be ready to celebrate with _______ (plural noun) and _________ (plural noun) tonight! Happy 4th of July, my _________ (adjective) friends!



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Great success!