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Inception: Take the Leap & Follow your Dream.

By May 3, 2012 No Comments
Take it

Olympic VillageI recently wrote a blog for lululemon athletica about “The Dream After the Olympic One”, a piece that touches on the emotions we often feel after pursuing a ginormous & personal goal.  Whether we achieved it or not, many of us encounter that vulnerable feeling of “Now what?”.  It might be after completing your education, a race, or a particular project.  I’m guessing most of us have come across this awkward lull in energy and emotions at some point in our lives.

So what DO we do after a huge accomplishment or event?  Do we continue to define ourselves by this single title?  Or do we decide to strive for more?  What if we did not even reach our goal…How do we figure out the direction we really want to go in?

Below is my response to a comment I received regarding how I  took on my positive perspective about creating a new dream for myself after the Olympic Games in 2008.

I’m guessing this subject is pretty gosh darned applicable to most folk, especially if you’re the competitive sort!



“When you ask about that AMAZING PERSPECTIVE, I tip my hat to LULULEMON. 🙂

Lululemon in HawaiiI whole-heartedly thank you for reaching out about this subject, it can be a daunting one to talk about and to work through.  I know for myself, it has taken me some time to feel comfortable (and confident) in my own story and path.

You bring up a key point that often goes ignored, I think.  Maybe it’s that competitive nature of an athlete, but it seems like that no matter how well one does, it never feels good enough.  Even after the Olympic Games, I was struggling with where I was at and what I had achieved.  Weird, right?

Whether this is an expectation we put on ourselves or one that we believe that others have of us, either way, I found that these were solely perceived notions that I had created.  So it was up to me to change them (easier said than done, I realize) :).

Oddly enough, when I was at the point of  “should I stay or should I go” (I just sang that part), I found myself hanging out in the lululemon store so often that I soon became an Educator with them. 🙂  Their sense of community, positive vibe, and goal settting sessions (huge help!) really opened my eyes to a world beyond athletics….and to be proud of who I am!

I’m not sure if you’ve done any Vision & Goal Setting with lulu but I think this was the tipping point for me.  This helped me think BIG and beyond what I used to think possible (for me, I’m thinking International Health & Fitness Blogger, haha).

This is a very personal and unique journey, but you know you’re already on the right one. :)”


These are all just simple inceptions.  But we all know what can come of a tiny notion.  



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