How NOT to Eat in a Ski Town (especially when you don’t ski)

By March 25, 2012News

I’m a pretty gosh darned health conscious gal.  But somehow on our trip to Mammoth, my husband Matt, and I discovered how NOT to eat in a ski town.  Greasy, fatty, sizzling, and delicious.  We ate it.  After an adventurous day trekking on the mountainside (or at least the town edge), we took on the challenge of finding the ever enticing comfort food and the delicious cocktails.

Trekking in Mammoth

Who says you can't do yoga in rubber boots?

First, We Wander.

Thankfully there are a variety of shenanigans one can amuse themselves with if you’re not comfortable being attached by the foot to

two long sticks (it’s hard enough for me to not trip and fall while walking, let alone being on skis or a snowboard!).  With a clear crisp breeze upon us, Matt and I do as we always do in a new town.  We walk.  We wander.  We explore.  Where are we going? Not quite sure, but this map says we’re going in the right direction.  It takes some serious convincing to keep Matt from using the gps on his phone to pinpoint our precise location.  Come on, isn’t that cheating?


Now We Apres Ski.

Smokeyard BBQ and Chop Shop

Apres Ski begins at the Smokeyard BBQ and Chop Shop. Happy Hour: Mon-Thur 4-6pm, Fri-Sun 2-6pm.

Cocktails at the Westin

Stay cozy with your cocktails at the Westin Bar. A clean cut locale with natural wood and rock features.

Physical activity out in the ‘wilderness’ is complete.  Now it’s time to get down to business and embrace the culture and lifestyle of this winter retreat.  What is all this apres-ski about?  Here are some of our top picks for apres-ski, plus a few for your morning treks…



Black Velvet Coffee

With a simplistic and modern vibe, Black Velvet Coffee peals away all the unnecessary fancy hoopla found in a coffee shop and creates a fabulous cup of cafe.

Schat Bakery
Schat Bakery in Mammoth.  Best bakery in my book, with all sorts of delectable and enticing things! Bonus: They offer several samples.  


The Schat Bakery on Main Street in Mammoth Lake is delectable, delicious and provides an assortment of yumminess.  Chocolate tarts, churros, breakfast croissants, freshly baked monkey bread, marmalades, and a deli with soups and sandwiches.  Did I mention that this place is oh so heavenly (and for the most part oh so unhealthy)?  I recommend the breakfast croissants, which also come on a bagel.

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Great success!