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Healthiest team in Professional Sports?

By March 3, 2015 No Comments

We, too, couldn’t pass up this title from a local online newspaper and share with you. Who’s the team and how are they trying to be the “healthiest” team on the market?

It’s great to come across articles like this more often, as athletes are becoming more self-conscience and educated on how much nutrition plays a role on their everyday lives, not just on the field, in the pool or gym. Athletes train or compete a couple hours a day, and like we preach here at AYT, that’s a whole lot of extra hours during the day to help the body recover and rejuvenate.

The LA Dodgers have made a proactive stance – starting this Spring Training season – to provide their players with – more natural, organic, no preservatives or chemicals – types of foods to eat throughout their training. Cutting out white sugar, processed foods and soft drinks. We’ll second that!

“One of the things we’ve talked about is becoming the healthiest organization in professional sports,” said Gabe Kapler, hired as the Dodgers’ new director of player development this winter, echoing a boast that appears at the top of the menu board daily. “We are devoted to that. We will be relentless in becoming that.”

It won’t end in spring training, where the menu has featured items such as free-range, herb-seared chicken, organic sauteed asparagus, nitrate-free pork links, a do-it-yourself juicer with locally sourced fruits and even organic coffee. Kapler has spearheaded a move to an all-organic, healthier-choice menu at the training complex with plans to carry through during the season at every level of the Dodgers’ organization.

From player, Scott Schebler speaking about Kapler: “He talked about how our choices now can affect us 10 years down the road,” Schebler said. “I thought, ‘Well, I’d like to be playing this game for a long time.’ That really made an impression on me.”

We encourage you to read the rest of the article from the Orange County Register. And hey, why not get your team on board!

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Photos courtesy of the OC Register

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