Stick. Click. And roll with it. Here is how GoPro helped make our adventures oh so clear, memorable, and vivid:


  • Hero2 GoPro
  • Accessories including: wall charger, auto charger, rechargeable battery, wifi combo kit.

Why we took GoPro EVERYWHERE:

  • It’s easy to use. The instructions are as clear as the images it captures.
  • I can take you anywhere, my little friend!
  • The multiple photo option is ideal for an impromptu outdoor yoga session. Every 60 seconds? Perfect!
  • Easy upload. Easy download.
  • Being at the top of a mountain peak with a wide expanse below, you want to be able to capture every bit of it in one image. Kudos to GoPro because it does!
  • Ever wonder what it might look like if you were a fishy in a bowl? Now we do, thanks to the fisheye angle.