Have you ever had an empowering moment where you get a seemingly invigorating & wild idea in your head? Yet before you know it, your logic sets in and you change your mind? Wait, scratch that. It’s your fear that sets in that stops you from acting on it.

Ya, I think we’ve all been there. We all have fears. For many of us, fear dictates our decisions. It happens. Yet hopefully we can find the courage to say no thank you fear. I respect you. But it’s about time you step aside. Sadly, I get the sense that some folk close the door entirely on their lively gut instinct and forgo a life of gumption, vitality and wonderment. But I know that’s not you. You still have your insatiable curiosity for life. Good on ya, mate.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal exploration as of late. Hmm, that sounds a bit naughty (said with a british accent)…I mean mental personal exploration of course. Of course. I just completed the inspiring eCourse Do What You Love, by Beth Kempton that invigorated me with a purposeful focus and zest for life. While going over my 5 weeks of in-depth personal exploration, a few themes became very apparent for me. My number one theme? I feel free when I am being myself.

This invigorating & wild idea has been looming around in my head. The one I’ve put aside for sometime. Share who I am. Yes, in blogs, videos, social media. Eek! You mean put myself out there for all to see? Yes. Just do it. I’m meant to be myself. Aren’t we all? If I’m going to blog, video, post…don’t sugar coat it (sugar is gross anyway), share my perspective. Be me. Okay, fine. It’s time! I hear ya, gut!

As the great Derek Zoolander inquires, Who am I? Well I’d like to reintroduce myself.

Hi, I'm Jaime.

Hi, I’m Jaime.

I’m Jaime. And this is my Real Wild Bio: A story that shares who I am, not what I do. Because I do way too many things to sum it up into a title (hence why I made up my own anyway, Lifestyle Guide. Thankfully, Lifestyle Guide covers one’s entire life.)

I believe in living a life I am passionate about. This requires honesty, guts and confidence. I am a creative, adaptable, curious and positive. I believe in being true to myself. I believe in making decisions with my gut, not my wallet. I believe in leading by example, being accountable for myself, my health, the energy I give out to others and the world around me. I believe in creating a positive legacy that will inspire others to create their own.

I am motivated by happy people, nature, whole food ingredients, and a natural whole-istic approach to health. I am proud of my passion for creating my own path. I am proud of my ability to connect and communicate with others. I am proud of my all-encompassing background and experience.

I want to embrace each day with a grateful and adventurous mindset. I want to live my life with gumption. I want to put my heart into anything I do – otherwise it’s not worth doing.

I can offer this world my perspective – an open and genuine one. My unique approach to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. My experience as someone who is not afraid to go after what they believe in, to challenge the norm, to bridge the gaps and pioneer a path to reconnect our body, mind, lifestyle and planet.

The following Q&A are some of my answers to questions within worksheets I did in the Do What You Love eCourse…

What makes my heart sing?
  • Being outside and in nature
  • Exploring + learning new things
  • Travel
  • My creative outlets: writing, designing a space, teaching, jewelry, documenting and sharing an experience.
  • Living a lifestyle I love.
When I write a book, it will be called: Live your life with Gumption.

What does it mean to live your life with gumption? Jaime Komer was on a mission to find out. Actually, she kind of ran into it – it smacked her silly one day when she decided “I love me as me and that’s exactly who I’m meant to be.” Find inspiration to live your own life with gumption as Jaime takes you on an adventure around the world with hilarious and epic accounts of culture, lifestyle, nature, challenges, change and growth.

My values:
  • Freedom
  • Creativity + Curiosity
  • Positivity + Happiness
  • Nature
  • Health + Wellbeing
  • Respect for the environment
  • Open perspective + Adaptability
  • Appreciation + Love
  • Accountability + Morality
How Matt and I travel:

Budget friendly while upholding our standards of healthy living, eco-consciousness and cleanliness.

image by Achilles Imperial

image by Achilles Imperial

On my travels, this is what I pack:
  • Curiosity
  • A sense of adventure
  • An open mind
  • Clarity
  • An open heart
  • Positivity
  • Courage + Bravery
  • Belief (in myself and others)
  • A supportive community
  • Boldness
  • My VOICE.
What does “doing what you love” mean to me?
  • Being proud of what I do, of myself
  • Being true to myself
  • A sense of FREEDOM
  • Willing to take on the challenge
  • Willing to work for what I love!
  • Travel
  • Opportunity to be outdoors
  • Creating a positive legacy
  • Being a positive influence on others
unnamedHow do I want to feel when talking about work?

Proud of what I do and my choices to stick to my guns. I want to feel energetic for what’s to come while appreciative of what I’ve already done.

How do I want to feel inside of my life, each and every day?

Curious, energetic, enthusiastic, grateful, proud of myself, anxious to learn more, driven, enjoying the moment.

My Secret Weapons:
  • img_9372Communication – ability to listen and connect with others. Making things relevant.
  • Adaptability + Versatility – Being open, well-rounded, able to go with the flow and immerse myself in most environments.
  • Creativity – Creating new things and ideas. From concepts to writing to food concoctions to visual design to jewelry to instructing to room & eco design.
  • Organizing – Rearranging to make things functional and as user-friendly as can be.
  • Positivity – Being positive for myself and for (to) others. Sharing a positive energy.
  • Creating my own path – honoring my self-worth, living my unconventional lifestyle…PIONEERING.
  • Inspiring others to empower their lifestyle + make positive health changes.
  • Learning about healthy living + applying it into my own life…LEADING BY EXAMPLE (ahem…navigating a healthy lifestyle!).
  • Customizer – Working with what I’ve got or where I’m at. I adapt to what I have. From making a healthy meal with what I’ve got in stock to helping someone make relevant changes in their  lifestyle that are safe and appropriate.
  • Perspective – I can see the big picture. I can put myself in another’s shoes (though I prefer to go barefoot).
How do I plan to Do What I Love in the future?

Honoring my value of freedom by applying my strengths and passion for inspiring others, creating my own path, leading by example of living a holistic & healthy lifestyle. I choose to live my dream of being paid to live and travel abroad, around nature, learning about lifestyles while sharing my own, which of course includes taking our kids on our global adventures as part of their schooling. Word. Or if you add some Love to it – WorLd. 

image by Achilles Imperial

image by Achilles Imperial

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Is there an invigorating & wild idea that’s been floating to the surface time and time again? If so, write it down and keep it handy. What is holding you back from going for it? Write down 3 steps you can take to get your feet wet. Can you do some research? Share your idea with a trusted friend? What is the worst that can happen if you pursue this idea? What is the best that can happen? Is there one thing you can do today to test it out?

Are there areas in your life where you’re holding back? Where you could live more in line with your genuine self?



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