The Evolution of Creating a Business

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Have you ever created or built something to realize when you think it’s “just right”, it’s in fact, still ever-evolving? From building a business to writing a book, we strive for perfection. Even when we think we have it spot on – the business is booming or the book is published – isn’t this when we think of something extra that could make it that much cooler? Time to update to the 2.0 model or release the sequel to our best seller!

As Athlete.Yogi.Traveler came to be, we were making some pretty big changes and updates on a daily basis.  It was easy to feel a wee bit flustered, to say the least, by this seemingly lack of direction. Didn’t I just spend countless hours perfecting our master plan? And now we want to change it…again? Am I just indecisive or what? I admit, I mistook this natural progression of change as a sign of imperfection.

Have you ever asked yourself, where am I going? Ya, me too. That's what compasses are for.

Have you ever asked yourself, where am I going? Ya, me too. That’s what compasses are for.

Yet let’s be honest. Perfection is only relevant in the moment you perceive it in. (I know, I’m getting deep here). You may be singing “everything is awesome” today, but tomorrow you might wake up and think “everything is not awesome – I better do something about this so I can sing my favorite song again” (if this makes no sense, go see the LEGO movie). And that’s okay! We are in a daily evolution called life and what we feel today might be different from tomorrow.

Whether you call it fine-tuning, evolving, perfecting, changing, or any other transformational word, one thing I’ve learned is that your outlook on something is just as important as the growing itself. 

Without further adieu, here is a wee story on Athlete.Yogi.Traveler’s evolution…

Evolution: its a ride

As many things do, it began with an adventure. 3 weeks in New Zealand, Matt & Jaime blogged their way through daily sweaty adventures where they immersed themselves in local experiences and communities. With product support from companies like GoPro, Vibram, and CamelBak, they explored off the beaten path (just the way they like it) and created an adventure to share: 15 days & 15 ways to sweat.

NZ pics

So how on earth does a simple blog turn into a company that is on a global movement to empower athletes in their sport and in life? Well sometimes you need to wander to the other side of the world to sort these things out!

“A turning point for me was teaching a yoga & pilates session to a stand up paddling club in Mt. Maunganui (NZ). There was something that just clicked about guiding this physically strong group of people to challenge their body and mind in new ways that could ultimately benefit their sport. I realized there was a huge opportunity to guide others on HOW to use one’s body through alignment, body awareness, and activation – particularly in the athletic community.” – Jaime Komer

And here the niche was created: Being a bridge for athletes to practices that can benefit them on-and-off the field (or court, pool, ring, arena, ping pong table). AYT’s Olympian Yoga & Pilates (OYP) was created for this purpose.

NZ pic 2

Because of their extensive background of traveling with sports and on their own, Matt & Jaime knew that Olympian Yoga & Pilates had to be as mobile as the athlete. Training and maintaining performance is just as important on the road as it is at home. This outlook on travel and how we spend our time outside of training also inspired their approach to teaching OYP: You are an athlete 24 hours a day.

While leading a Volunteer Trip in Rwanda for the nonprofit organization, Kids Play International, Matt & Jaime were hit with another AHA! moment (what’s with all this traveling and AHA! moments?). “With athletes being all over the world, the need for what we are providing is universal.” The MAT Movement was created as a way to share Olympian Yoga & Pilates on a global and mobile platform.

One Comment

  • Devin Coutu says:

    I came across your website by “coincidence”. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is there anything I can do to help you with anything? I am an avid paddle boarder, I love and practice yoga as often as possible. I am a genuine person. I love people. I would consider myself to be athletic and fit. I love to love.

    Please let me know if I can be of service.

    Thank you in advance.

    Devin Coutu

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