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Before I walked through the massive gates of the “Nest” at the 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies, I was told to keep our phones or cameras down. As much as I wanted to bottle up this moment forever in my camera, they did have a point: no one wants to see the elite athlete representing their country completely distracted by taking a selfie (or 100 of them). So I walked through the stadium, waving to the sea of spectators, talking happily with my teammates, and absorbing every priceless moment. And it was well worth it. I experienced the full essence of the moment without the distraction or need to experience the moment through my phone. Knowing that others were snapping away with their high-tech cameras gave me peace of mind that I would see this remarkable image again (and in a much higher resolution and quality, I might add).

Since the paparazzi aren’t following us around much these days (unless they’re so super stealth that we don’t even know), when we travel the globe, we’re responsible for capturing our own panoramic moments. Yet as you surely have experienced, this can get in the way of getting fully immersed in a new adventure. I’m so stoked to be running up Mt. Iron in New Zealand at sunrise documenting our Sweaty Adventures with you right now – oh wait – stop running, and run back 100 yards and then head back up the hill – I gotta get this pic of you…it’s awesome. Right, you kinda lose the magic in the moment, if you know what I mean. Or in this case, the momentum, literally. In fact, there have been countless times where we would have loved to grab a picture of an epic sunrise or sunset while running about. Yet for the sake of our happiness, we chose instead to take a mental pic (click – just took one!).

This constant conundrum has been perplexing us since (and I’m guessing you too). How can we fully immerse ourselves in an experience and have gorgeous documentation to tell the tale? 

Cue: In walks our good friend and creative mastermind Achilles Imperial. A photographer of candid moments, athletic pursuits, artistic angles, and sentimental sights. Creating a new (and needed) niche in the photography world, Achilles tells your story and the day’s adventures through Personal Travel Photography (it’s like your own private paparazzi, but way more artistic, fun, and he won’t invade your privacy by selling pics for ten grand to a cheesy magazine). With an experienced and insightful eye, Achilles’ zeal brings to life the moments that we could only hope to capture and those we didn’t even know were there. 

Telling the Tale: we recently spent a day in Laguna Beach playing outside and exploring the streets…

Let’s get personal: How would YOU spend the day with your own Personal Travel Photography? 

Where? With who? What would you do? 

For more information on capturing your own adventures with Achilles Imperial, please peruse www.achilles-zeal.com

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