I love America for all sorts of delightful reasons. But I have to be honest. You have to be really careful about where your food comes from. These days, an apple isn’t just an apple. It might be an “encrusted in pesticides with a lack of nutrients due to the overused soil it was grown in” apple. Wow, that’s a bland mouthful.

This is one of the many reasons why we love to travel internationally. Depending on where you go, it can be so deliciously easy to eat organic, pesticide-free, genetically-modified (GMO) free, and made-from-scratch foods!*

*My disclaimer of the day: I acknowledge the possibility of getting sick (yep, it’s happened) from eating fresh produce that has been cleansed with unfiltered water while traveling. Just be smart, friends. EVERY COUNTRY IS DIFFERENT. It’s worth a google.

**Extra Bonus Disclaimer: I also acknowledge that there are HEAPS of amazing ways to eat organic & non-GMO while in the States. We’ll be sharing some of them in our next Global Documentation!

Here’s what I notice when I enthusiastically consume organic and non-GMO foods: 

On a recent AYT Experience to Nicaragua, we got a taste of fresh, local cuisine with our very own cooking class.

On a recent AYT Experience to Nicaragua, we got a taste of fresh, local cuisine with our very own cooking class.

1)   No bloating! No one likes a gas. It’s awkward.  

2)   Improved skin clarity. Bubye foundation, no need for you.

3)    Increase in mental clarity & stamina. True, I haven’t done a proper study on this, but I DO know that the better I eat, the more creative & productive I feel. Boom.

4)   Easier to digest.

5)   Loss of excess weight.

6)   Nutritionally & physically fortifying. I find that I don’t have to eat as much, as the quality of the food is ridiculously satisfying.

7)   We’re pretty sure there are several more benefits here (hmmm, decrease in disease & illness?), yet we’ll leave this portion to the scientists.

At Athlete.Yogi.Traveler, we found a way to uphold our healthy habits while at home in the good ol’ U.S. of A. (without breaking the bank, thank goodness). Stay tuned for these tips in our next Global Documentation.

Here’s a hint: Thrive Forward. (poor hint…more like a giveaway)

Eating Clean

One of the many tempting dishes at the vegetarian boutique hotel, KiChic, in Mancora, Peru.

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