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“Don’t do chemicals, kids” • Our minimalist, natural and DIY approach to a baby’s room and household cleaners

By February 19, 2017 No Comments

This is what happens when you inhale chemicals, kids. Ha, just kidding. But seriously. Maybe this picture expresses how we feel on the inside when we ingest or inhale toxic substances. Hmm…

How much money do you think goes into the anti-drug campaigns? I’m guessing millions. Will there ever be an anti-chemical and anti-sugar campaign? Regarding chemicals, it’s possible we come into contact with products each day that contain carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer). Think: cleaners, paints, beauty products, even foods. As for sugar, it’s said to be more addicting than cocaine and is linked with a multitude of diseases and illnesses. Sadly, I doubt the big companies that make and sell said products and also happen to sway much of U.S. policy would approve of such a campaign (or the politicians who are backed by them). But there’s no need to fret, change starts with the individual. You and me.

Besides…Despite the serious impact of chemicals found in our household products and the refined sugars in our foods, I’d prefer we all opt for a proactive approach to making positive changes in our lifestyle as opposed to me just telling you “don’t do chemicals, kids”. Doesn’t that ever even work? If you tell me not to do something…I might consider that a challenge and go do it! (my mom and dad will attest to that) Let’s focus on adding positive, clean products and practices into our day. Ahhh, so where do we start? Well, this is where we started…

I hope these videos help conjure up creative ways for you to organically infuse natural products and practices into your life! Below you’ll find “A minimalist and natural approach to a baby’s room” and “Skip the chemicals: Natural household cleaning products, DIY options and resources.” You can find more eco-happy videos on our YouTube channel, including “Don’t Stink: Products we use to be fragrant-free and chemical-free (save the baby’s skin!)” and “Eco-Happy Tips & Ideas when Painting“.



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