Decrease Stress with 8 Plant-Based Recipes by Thrive Forward

Holy Healthy Habits, Batman! Is it true you can decrease the stress your body experiences by changing what you eat? Answer: Abso-wholesome-lutely, Robin! This is exactly why I’m sharing 8 “UNstressful” plant-based recipes by Thrive Forward. These yummy concoctions can help decrease stress both with their ingredients and with their easy-to-make recipes.

Simply put, the more whole (unrefined) plant-based foods you eat, the less stress you’re putting on your entire body. Why? Because digesting food requires energy. Excessive use of energy creates stress for your body.

What causes excessive use of energy (stress) when it comes to eating food? Answer: Processed and overly-cooked foods.  Your body recognizes REAL food. Meaning, food that comes from the earth that has not been tampered with genetic modifications (GMO), chemical manipulation of ingredients (why is corn in EVERYTHING?), pesticides, herbicides, etc. It is easier for your body to digest foods it recognizes. It takes extra energy (stress) to sort out all the other unknown (and very unhealthy) hoopla.

So let’s find some REAL food to eat! (Wow, I’m all about the BIG WORDS, today. YAY!)

Instead of freaking out about what NOT to eat, start by increasing the foods that are most beneficial to your body’s health. For example, if you can increase raw, plant-based foods that are easier to digest and crazy-packed with nutrients, your body will decrease its cravings for processed and stimulating products that are void of nutrients (bread, chips, cookies, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, candy, etc). You can use the recipes below to get rollin’!

Going organic on a budget: If you’re on a budget, choosing organic over non-organic (meaning: treated with pesticides and herbicides) can be quite daunting. Use the EWG guide on the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen found in my recent blog.

Happy eating! I’m hungry.

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