Dear Airline Lounge,
Kick up your legs!I’d like to thank you for being there when I’m hungry, dirty, tired, and in dire need to aid my addiction for wifi. Though your quality and taste can vary as much as tequila can (sorry Jose Quervo, I’m staying away from you), it seems like your overall goal is the same: provide a special space for the traveler to improve their overall experience with the airline. Am I right? Food, drink, lounge, wifi, showers, quiet spaces, oh so nice.

Yet I notice you seem to be skipping out on a big tamale. Health & Fitness. Traveling can be so rough on our body and we each pay a toll for several days after. We eat funky food, we sleep at random hours (if at all), we sit for ages (thanks a lot blood clot), and then we’re expected to function at our best when we arrive at our destination.

Here’s my plea: spin bikes, ellipticals, and a yoga space. We like to stretch our tight muscles in between flights. I’m fine with whipping out a Warrior III in the middle of the terminal, but maybe not everyone is cool with that. Add a few bikes and ellipticals for us to hop onto and move our legs a bit. We’ve got our ipods and our books, this will keep us amused for ages.

That’s not too much to ask, right?

Until our next adventure,

Your traveling friend, Jaime.


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